Source Servers is an app for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 which allows you to follow your favourite Source servers.


  • Keep an eye on the current map and player count on each server
  • Automatically updates every 10 seconds while the app is running
  • Servers are grouped by game type
  • Connect directly to a server (desktop version only)


Adding servers

Bring up the app bar and tap the add app bar button to watch a new server. Enter the IP address and port in the box and tap add to check the server. If all goes well the server will be added in the appropriate place, and if not you’ll see a message explaining the problem.

Removing servers

You can remove a server at any time. On the desktop version this involves selecting the server and then tapping the remove app bar button.

On the phone version tapping the server will bring up a menu with the remove button. Tap it to get rid of the server.

If the server was the last one of its game type the game image will also disappear.

Connecting to servers (desktop version only)

Tap a server and then tap the connect app bar button. If Steam is running it will try and launch the game and join the server.

Removing ads

The app is free but supported by ads. If you prefer you can remove the ads permanently for a small fee. On the desktop version you need to bring up the settings menu from the charms bar (at the right of the screen) and then select the Help option and tap the remove ads button. On the phone version you get to the help screen by tapping the help app bar button.

Here’s a screenshot of it in action on the desktop


And here on the phone