Events is a Bukkit plugin that offers you a multitude of actions to perform when certain game events happen.

Events occur due to what happens on your server. For example, when a new mob is created a spawns event happens. When a player dies, a player-dies event happens.

While it’s natural to want to perform actions that pertain to the event (giving a player who kills a mob a reward in the mob-dies event, for example) most actions are available to any event. It’s possible to kill a random player every time a pig spawns, if you like.

What makes this plugin so powerful is its comprehensive conditional and branching system. Using this it’s possible to perform actions only when certain conditions are met, so players can be rewarded for killing pigs when it’s raining, and punished for killing sheep when it’s night time, for example.


  • most events supported
  • dozens of possible actions and conditions
  • infinite choice due to a unique branching system
  • define and use your own variables inside actions and conditions


  • reload-events, or re – re-reads the config files without reloading the whole plugin
  • list-events, or le – logs a list of all the events the plugin is currently listening to


  • events.can-reload-config
  • events.can-list-events

Click the links below to get started with the plugin!

Currently the plugin is in late beta status. All the main features are fully functional but there are still a few small things to do before release.